Queen G

Performance Poet. Voice Actor. Artist. Writer. Public Speaker.

Poem of the Month

When a boy

Tells a 10 year old black girl

That he will burn her on a cross

Inform him

That she has been fire since before time began

And her dark skin is simply evidence of the burn

You tell him

Her melanin the mother and the magma at the core of the earth
Amber ember

as embryo

The axis been her backbone

Hang her on a cross

Watch her resurrect every 3 days

Christ DNA
Watch her incineration liberate

Become solar

Whom the sun sets free is free indeed

Even gutted she is the giving tree

You think she scared of a little  fire?

You say her hair barbed wire

I say all this kink will cut yo mouth if you not careful
barrettes caught in your throat if you figure your words a match

Black girls be the fire God sends
Next time

We burn blood in the roots
Our veins in the leaves
Yes, I dare you

set her on fire and watch her blaze

hope you prefer cremation

The melanin deficient be most flammable

Queen G Poetry 2016 ©

Lost At Sea by Queen G